Amy H. - Food Sensitives and Immune Deficiencies

Amy was suffering from severe allergies, RX reaction - where her face swelled and puffed up and stayed that way for 5 days. She also suffered from a chronic cough and sore throat, Treated medically with a prednisone zpack which provided no relief. Past history of skin cancer with a recent history of lowered immunity. 

Labs run and revealed gluten sensitivity and multiple food sensitivities as well as multiple nutrient deficiencies. Within 8 weeks all allergies reactions were gone, her chronic cough was gone her energy was high and she was very pleased with her treatment.

Posted on July 19, 2016 .

Josephine: Food Sensitivities Caused Severe Skin Issues

Take a minute to listed to Josephine's story. At 91 years old she had severe sores all over her body. After seeing multiple medical doctors Josephine consulted Dr. Sevlie. Dr. Sevlie recommend she do food sensitivity testing. The testing showed that Josephine had severe sensitivities to some of her favorite foods. By changing her diet, Josephine was able to resolve her skin issues and lose 20 pounds! 

Posted on July 14, 2014 .